behind the name: kimberly

my name literally means “from the royal forest“. i love my name! it fits me perfectly. i’ve always been fascinated by trees. if i could live in the middle of a forest, i would. (maybe i will someday…) my birthstone is the peridot and my favorite color has always been green. forest sprite is the perfect nickname for me.  

the origin of kimberly is from the city of kimberley in south africa, which was named after lord kimberley (1826-1902). the city came to prominence in the late 19th century during the boer war.

unbeknownst to many, the common korean surname kim is not related to kimberly. most people call me kim and it’s extremely frustrating. my name is kimberly, not kim!


the weeknd

I’m reminiscing so hard today. I miss 2012 Abel. I miss the days when no one knew who The Weeknd was. I miss the days when his music wasn’t played on the radio. I will always be a fan of everything he does but I really miss his old style of music. I hate the bandwagon fans who only know “earned it” and have never even heard “the knowing”. I hate the big venues that will be home to all of Abel’s future shows. I’m proud of his accomplishments and how far he’s come, but I will always miss the small intimate shows where I could sing along with him from ten feet away without getting elbowed by screaming teenage girls.