the weeknd

I’m reminiscing so hard today. I miss 2012 Abel. I miss the days when no one knew who The Weeknd was. I miss the days when his music wasn’t played on the radio. I will always be a fan of everything he does but I really miss his old style of music. I hate the bandwagon fans who only know “earned it” and have never even heard “the knowing”. I hate the big venues that will be home to all of Abel’s future shows. I’m proud of his accomplishments and how far he’s come, but I will always miss the small intimate shows where I could sing along with him from ten feet away without getting elbowed by screaming teenage girls.


3 thoughts on “the weeknd

    1. as much as i want to, i most likely won’t see him live anymore, only because his shows will no longer be small and intimate. maybe in the future he’ll do a small concert for his original fans. i really hate missing a show but i’m not a fan of the crowd he attracts now. fake xo fans and screaming girls everywhere. everyone knows who he is. i still can’t believe he’s not a secret anymore ):

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