behind the name: kimberly

my name literally means “from the royal forest“. i love my name! it fits me perfectly. i’ve always been fascinated by trees. if i could live in the middle of a forest, i would. (maybe i will someday…) my birthstone is the peridot and my favorite color has always been green. forest sprite is the perfect nickname for me.  

the origin of kimberly is from the city of kimberley in south africa, which was named after lord kimberley (1826-1902). the city came to prominence in the late 19th century during the boer war.

unbeknownst to many, the common korean surname kim is not related to kimberly. most people call me kim and it’s extremely frustrating. my name is kimberly, not kim!


the weeknd

I’m reminiscing so hard today. I miss 2012 Abel. I miss the days when no one knew who The Weeknd was. I miss the days when his music wasn’t played on the radio. I will always be a fan of everything he does but I really miss his old style of music. I hate the bandwagon fans who only know “earned it” and have never even heard “the knowing”. I hate the big venues that will be home to all of Abel’s future shows. I’m proud of his accomplishments and how far he’s come, but I will always miss the small intimate shows where I could sing along with him from ten feet away without getting elbowed by screaming teenage girls.

my thoughts on the cannabis plant

i am very passionate about the cannabis plant. i smoked marijuana regularly for 3+ years but i quit the beginning of september 2016. i never thought i’d quit smoking but honestly i don’t miss it at all. i once thought that there was nothing wrong with smoking marijuana because it helped with my mood, sleep and lack of appetite. i relied heavily on it. but after reading some bible verses and praying, i knew i needed to abstain from getting hugh. i firmly believe followers of christ should avoid the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. since it is sinful to become intoxicated by alcohol, it is sinful to become intoxicated by marijuana. THC is psychoactive and doesn’t have as many medicinal properties as CBD, THC is what what makes you feel high. CBD and hemp aren’t psychoactive and they have endless benefits and uses. CBD helps with glaucoma, seizures, anxiety, depression, cancer, insomnia, autism, ms, joint pain, etc. THC is great when used in moderation. high CBD/low THC strains are wonderful and still allow you to smoke, dab, and eat edibles without getting high. hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops know to man. hemp fibers and stalks can be used for clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, and more. the seeds and flowers can be used in health foods, organic body care, and other nutraceuticals. the cannabis plant is truly an incredible plant that god gave us.

infants and pierced ears

i want to talk about ear piercing today. more specifically, infants with pierced ears. this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now. i was about two when my mom took me to get my ears pierced, a bit older than most i’d say. getting your ears pierced was the norm; everyone did it. my sisters and i got our ears pierced at a young age and a lot of my friends did too. but now i think there are more parents against it, at least compared to 20 years ago. I don’t necessarily think it’s child abuse, but i do believe there should be more thought put into it… here you have this precious infant and you want to go let a stranger poke tiny holes through their earlobes and cause them pain simply because you think they’ll look cute in a pair of little earrings? i just don’t think it’s right. and when i have daughters, i’ll let them decide if they want to get their ears pierced when they’re older. yes, i’m strongly opinionated on this subject but i don’t judge the parents who choose to get their child’s ears pierced. what are your thoughts?