infants and pierced ears

i want to talk about ear piercing today. more specifically, infants with pierced ears. this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now. i was about two when my mom took me to get my ears pierced, a bit older than most i’d say. getting your ears pierced was the norm; everyone did it. my sisters and i got our ears pierced at a young age and a lot of my friends did too. but now i think there are more parents against it, at least compared to 20 years ago. i don’t necessarily think it’s child abuse, but i do believe there should be more thought put into it… here you have this precious infant and you want to go let a stranger poke tiny holes through their earlobes and cause them pain simply because you think they’ll look cute in a pair of little earrings? i just don’t think it’s right. and when i have daughters, i’ll let them decide if they want to get their ears pierced when they’re older. yes, i’m strongly opinionated on this subject but i don’t judge the parents who choose to get their child’s ears pierced. what are your thoughts?